5 Ways to Eliminate Lines on the LCD


5 Ways to Eliminate Lines on the LCD

 5 Ways to Eliminate Lines on the LCD

This disturbance is often experienced by most people and ends up replacing a new screen. It turns out that there are several ways to remove lines on the LCD from appearing again. Generally, this problem is caused by frequent drops or system errors.

Several Ways to Eliminate Lines on the LCD

The existence of pressure or impact that occurs on an Android device is the main cause of the appearance of lines on the LCD. Of course, a display like this looks very distracting. Generally people will immediately replace the new screen even though there are ways to get rid of it:

1. Deactivate Show Pointer Location Menu

For those of you who experience a horizontal line of yellow, red or white HP screen, you can try to disable the pointer location menu. This feature is a tap location pointer on a cellphone using a crosshair. Usually serves to detect the coordinates of the movement.

First you can enter the settings menu then to About Phone. Next tap the build number 7 times quickly until Developer Options appears. Scroll down the screen and find show pointer location then disable it so it won't be tagged again.

2. Using a Line Remover Application

You can also just use the line remover application on the Google Play Store. One of them is Dead Pixel Detect and Fix. Users can download and try to use it for free. Its function is to detect each pixel in a dead or stuck state on the screen.

Not only detecting stuck pixels, Dead Pixel Detect and Fix can also be used to overcome striped sedan screens. This application is able to overcome damage to other LCDs such as blinking light and also looks to shake or vibrate.

3. Using Toothpaste

You can try it by using several materials for this manual method. Generally, toothpaste can be used if the HP screen is indeed striped due to scratches because the service life is quite long. First, also prepare a cotton bud and tissue or soft cloth.

First you have to open the cellphone case that has been turned off. Then rub gently with a cotton bud with toothpaste. Rub it in a clockwise direction if the lines do look like circles. Do this for about 30 minutes.

4. Incorporate In Rice

This manual method can be a solution if your cellphone appears with a line after falling into the water so that the screen cannot be touched properly. Any interference with the LCD may also be caused because the components inside the cellphone are wet.

First you can shake the cellphone to get the aromas out. Another way can also be done by putting the phone in the rice for a few moments. This step is only intended if the cause is that the internal components are in wet conditions.

5. Checking the HP LCD Socket

It is also possible if the cause of the appearance of lines on the screen is due to a problem with the HP LCD socket. Generally it is in a loose state because it had previously fallen.

Usually a loose HP LCD socket will make the screen look shaded or commonly known as burn in. The worst effect of this cause is that the touch screen won't work at all.

Those are the five ways you can do to remove lines on the LCD either using an application or manually with materials around you. Generally, this disturbance is caused by HP falling from a height.

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